The company Oculus has unveiled the lineup of games for the VR-helmet Oculus Rift


2017-03-01 13:30:07




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From the outset, the headset Oculus Rift somehow it all went wrong. First, problems with production, due to the lack of components, then the lawsuit from Zenimax, which now Oculus needs to the claimant. Yes, and the controllers movements came only six months after the start of sales of the headset itself. But the management of the company Facebook, which owns Oculus, does not intend to give up, and even unveiled a new games for virtual reality.

During the exhibition GDC 2017 was presented as the already announced games, and brand new designs that debuted at the conference, Oculus. Four games from the exhibition support the controllers Touch. We suggest you first view the video snippets of these games.

Strategy card games Blade & Soul: Table Arena will surely appeal to lovers of both genres. Responsible for the development of the famous Korean company NCSoft who created Lineage 2 and Aion.

Another real time strategy called the Brass Tactics. In the game you can play co-op with other players or against them. Touch controllers will allow you to move units around the battlefield and attack the enemy by gestures.

Cooperative space shooter From Outer Suns will allow you and three of your friends to fight the aliens that threaten the peace of mankind.

Studio inXile Entertainment working on the game Mage''s Tale (a reference to their own game The Bard’s Tale). The game can be attributed to the genre of dungeon crawler RPG, when the user will have to explore the mysterious cave full of treasure, to cast all sorts of spells and fight monsters. The game is no trailer, so just look at the gameplay.

Augmented Empire is a tactical role-playing game that will tell us a fascinating Noir story about a revolution in the dystopian world of the future. While the game can be seen only from the corner of eyes in cutting, published at the beginning of this material.

Term1nal – stealth third-person puzzle, first-person.

In addition, we were reminded that in development there are projects such as Rock Band VR, Arktika.1, Wilson's Heart, Lone Echo, Killing Floor: Incursion and chic Robo Recall from Epic Games. All of these games will be released during 2017.



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