Social networks and messengers in a single app? No longer a dream


2017-03-01 11:15:06




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Not long ago it was fashionable to have dozens of different applications that essentially could be combined into one, now the trend is back — instead of separation it's aggregation. This time to combine will be the most important thing: what you have on the first home screen of the smartphone. Social networks and messengers.

The Idea is not new and much has already been trying to make a universal "messenger", it is difficult to imagine. However, few dare to use social media or instant messengers as part of the new platform. It often happens that the person search in social networks (especially with a common surname) turns into a search for a needle in a haystack. But what if you assign the user a unique ID, with which you can immediately "go out" on all of these pages?

According to this principle works . Upon registration each user is assigned a so-called OL-room: it just connect all the social networks and messengers. In addition, since the room is short, it can be passed to friends as business cards, because this number of people will be able to find you in the OL PORTAL.

But the main idea — to unite all social services, not gone anywhere. For example, you need to write to the person, but you don't know where he often views the messages. Sent the same message once in 2-3 messenger and the same social networks, and the receiver will react more quickly. This same application is used for new posts. A few clicks — and your photo or entry appeared once in Instagram, and Vkontakte and in Facebook.

"the icing on the cake" — built-in app is a news aggregator. Instead of first reading on Twitter, then put the huskies in Instagram, and then Facebook, it is easier to view all news in one app. This great time-saver, especially in the morning when you need to quickly see the agenda.

Convenient that on the OL PORTAL, you can quickly and easily see all the social network contacts in the phone. Sort and filter contacts easier to find. But most importantly, with unique number don't have to explain how to find you on social networks.

The App is free, the version for Android . the iOS version and browser is also on its way.


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