FORPHEUS — robot-coach who is in the Guinness Book of records


2017-02-28 21:00:05




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To learn how to play table tennis and improve reaction speed, players of this wonderful sport for exercise alone used a simple and effective trick: put the table at an angle of 90 degrees to the opposite and work out a shot. In the initial stages you can move the table to the wall and «to play tennis with the wall». But why do it in the 21st century, when you can take a few lessons from the first robot-coach FORPHEUS. Well, to doubt about the skills of machine you have, we will add that FORPHEUS was awarded an honorable place in the Guinness Book of records.

Jokes aside, the functionality of the robot is really impressive! To navigate within the playing field robot coach help motion sensors and camera, shoot at a speed of 80 frames per second. With the help of all of the auxiliary devices, the robot tracks the movement of a tennis ball, movements and position of the body of the opponent, and also has the ability to expect and anticipate human actions. In addition, the robot can illuminate the area of the field where you fly after hitting the ball, thus helping to fulfill a variety of kicks and combinations thereof. The program gradation of the actions of the player based on artificial intelligence able to assess the level of training of the person and to build in accordance with this training program.

The constructors of the robot from Omron, however, FORPHEUS designed not only to work as a coach in table tennis, but also as a kind of «run-in» new technologies.

«technologies we have to normalize the relationship of robots with humans. Currently people teach robots how to behave in a given situation. But 20 years from now robots may be able to teach other robots, created by humans or other robots».

So in conclusion I would like to say about what the robot coach was awarded a place in the Guinness Book of records. The official wording is: «for the unique technological and intellectual educational opportunities». For more information we invite you to watch the official video below.


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