Found a way to destroy cancer cells, leaving healthy survivors


2017-02-28 20:00:05




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The twentieth century and the ensuing XXI century has brought to medicine a lot of innovation in the field of treatment of various diseases. But despite all the progress, many diseases still remain highly resistant to all kinds of therapy. One such disease is cancer. At the moment there are many treatment methods, but none of them does not, unfortunately, 100% of the results. In addition, almost all of the modern ways of dealing with this disease and have a negative impact on the human body. But that could change thanks to the development of scientists from the University of Huddersfield. According to the publication Medical Xpress, they managed to develop and patent a method of treatment of cancer, which does not affect the living cells of the body.

The authors of the research are Dr Chris Danny and Nick Georgopoulos. Based on their patented method of treatment is the effect on cancer cells by protein molecules cluster of differentiation CD40. A distinctive feature of CD40 is that it is capable of destroying only cancer cells, leaving the living organism's healthy cells. If based on this protein will be able to create a cure – it will not have any detrimental side effects to the human body. Scientists have discovered a surprising property of this protein as early as 2002, after which he continued studying. The studies found out that positive effect is achieved thanks to the «breakdown» defense system of cancer cells. Thus, these abnormal cells become «visible» the immune system, and she begins to struggle with the tumor. At the moment, specialists are preparing to conduct clinical trials, if successful, which appearance of the drug against cancer without side effects will not be far off.


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