The company Roborace showed his unmanned car


2017-02-28 19:00:05




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In Barcelona, a demonstration unmanned race car Robocar, which at the MWC event in 2017 brought the company Roborace, an organization dedicated to racing Autonomous cars. The first racing drone racing cars will start already this season, so to see newcomers participating in the show gathered a lot of wishing.

The race will involve ten teams, each of which will allocate two identical cars Robocar. Width auto — two meters in length — almost five, and the car weighs about a ton. This electric car is able to squeeze up to 320 kilometers per hour — all with four 300-kilowatt electric motors. On the body of the car has two radar, five lidar and a variety of sensors, together with cameras and speed sensors will allow the car to confidently go on the road and keep a safe distance relative to each other.

The Teams that will participate in the races, are already testing the software in the cars on test DevBot electric cars that not so long ago its capabilities on the race track.

Recall that came to the finish only one car, for the second competition ended in failure.


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