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We All somehow work with PDF files, and for some it is the only way to make the document flow in the company. Of course, all you need is a powerful utility, which not just will allow you to edit the relevant documents (such programs in bulk), but also can convert other files in PDF, recognize text with images and so on.

For Example, medical records often are conducted in several formats: in one patient — in Word and Excel, the other — in the form of images and PDF. To establish and lead the system to a common denominator, you need the application that performs all of these tasks. For example, — the combine PDF software: it performs the task of editing a PDF and exporting files in other formats to convert other files into PDF and merge multiple documents.

If we are talking about accounting, statements are often delivered in formats doc and docx. But this is not a reason to abandon the convenient document management with PDF. Opened the file, clicked Convert, using the second received file of the desired format.

Actually, even the usual editing PDF may be completely different: for example, if you work in the banking sector and all the documents you need to put a watermark, you can do PDFelement.

But the most common use case of — this, of course, converting images. Often we are dealing with paper versions of documents, no matter in what field, be it consulting, healthcare or construction (especially construction). Sooner or later, all that has to be digitized, so to archive much easier.

Fortunately, modern scanners can scan from a couple of hundred documents, and then all of them can "drive" through the above-mentioned utility, which recognize text (using OCR) and converts the document to PDF. Have fully digitized documents, which are not only easier to handle, but you can make many edits. You can also edit images and graphics in your PDF file: the custom toolbar by clicking Customize in the toolbar, and then drag Insert Image and Crop Image to the toolbar.

Well, merge multiple PDF into one — it's a real must-have for all. For example, if you are scanning a contract on one sheet, at the end you can download all the files in the app and concentrate them in a single document.

PDFelement available and , and , and the last point is very important because normal tools to work with PDF on Mac just yet. will familiarize you with the functionality of the application, which then easily can be used for both personal and corporate goals.


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