LG is developing its own VR headset in conjunction with Valve


2017-02-28 12:00:05




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It Seems that the increasingly popular virtual reality technology is haunted by the leadership of large companies. Here and South Korea joined the "arms race", not alone but with the support of the legendary company Valve. As you already know, Valve has previously helped with the development of the HTC Vive headset, and at the moment, if you believe the words , engineers are working on their own controllers for virtual reality and develop as many as three big-budget games for VR.

LG has applied to the Valve because the latter is in the Arsenal is already proven in tracking technology movements in space Steam VR. Actually, this is not the first attempt by the South Korean electronics manufacturer to enter the VR market. Last year was the place to be trying to sell a smartphone G5 mobile headset called VR 360. However, this gadget is all forgotten the very next day after the announcement. And now a year later, LG once again tries to bite off a small piece from a promising emerging market.

Today on the new headset virtually nothing is known. But representatives of the company LG said that it will be "precision VR experience to the next generation." What is meant by these words – hard to imagine. Maybe we are talking about a matrix of enormous resolution, which will finally allow to get rid of the so-called screen-door-effect and huge pixels? Or it refers to a completely new approach to tracking the user's movements in space? The answers to these questions we will know in a closed press conference at the exhibition GDC 2017.


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