Judgment day is getting closer: the AI learned to write code, stealing it from other programs


2017-02-28 09:00:05




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Artificial intelligence is constantly learning to do more interesting things. But if you had "skill list" was expanded by adding new functions to the existing system, but now thanks to specialists from Microsoft Research and Cambridge University all became much more interesting. Their artificial intelligence system called DeepCoder is able to write not very complicated (at the moment) program, "borrow" the source code to ready-made solutions.

In the AI DeepCoder is the so-called software synthesis. The essence of this method lies in the fact that DeepCoder takes from other programs a ready-made code fragments, depending on what you need to in the end, and connect them in sequence. A major advantage of this approach is that artificial intelligence has the opportunity in drafting their own programs to select the most effective areas of the source code or areas that are most suitable for this case. Yes, and the artificial intelligence could use such techniques that would never have had due to the peculiarities of the human mind.

An Important part of the system DeepCoder is a search engine that produces search and analysis of publicly available databases, source codes, sorting, rating and the functionality of the code. It is worth saying that this approach is used by some programmers, often use in my work with the databases when writing new programs.


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