Engineer patented "hyperloop" for space launch vehicles


2017-02-27 20:00:05




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Its new development, called «SpaceTram», the engineer, James Powell has developed recently and introduced it to the public recently. The principle is simple: on the Earth's surface is built a large vacuum tube pointing up. As there is no friction inside the spacecraft may very well be dispersed and fly away into space, overcoming gravity.

The Engineer had provided, and other uses tubes, proposing to launch tourists into space with it. This would require a reusable capsule capable of withstanding an overload.

«aside from the space ships, SpaceTram useful for launching aircraft and the rockets», — said the developer.

Powell is convinced that the launching of space ships with missiles — an expensive and outdated way of accessing the space, hindering the entire industry and limit the ability of countries and companies. Therefore, he suggested SpaceTram as one of the possible solutions to the problem, the website gas2.

According to the developer, such «space hyperloop» can launch into space a small unit weighing under one hundred pounds.


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