SpaceX's something announced at midnight tonight


2017-02-27 13:00:05




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Elon Musk wrote in his «on Twitter» that today at midnight Moscow time company Space X plans to make the announcement. No details and he did not say anything, as usual, intrigued the audience.

His followers began to speculate, some of which are as realistic and exciting. Fans of the game universe Mass Effect joke that Musk rename SpaceX to SpectreX, and then study deep space. Others write that the company has discovered in space «wormhole», which are going to send their new spacecraft.

However, there are more realistic predictions directly related to the activities of SpaceX. People familiar with the developments of the company consider that the upcoming announcement may be associated with the spacecraft . Others point to the SpaceX mission to Mars, suggesting that Musk probably will tell new details about the future mission. Do not forget about that Elon Musk not long ago decided to do. It may well be that the head of the company will tell you about them.

But do not forget that all this — no more than speculation, and the announcement will take place later, so we will continue to keep you in the loop.


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