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If you try to list all the current trends in the market of headphones, the first thing come to mind is the following: Bluetooth, built-in DAC, active noise reduction, digital connector (Lightning to USB-C) and a variety of software chips. You will be surprised, but in the model Pioneer SE-MHR5 anything from this list no. So the question inevitably arises: what are we going to surprise the manufacturer, offering to buy us these headphones that cost about 18 000?

The Answer is obvious: as a rule, the dust in the eyes in a fashionable and subtle in real life functions throw those who are no longer able to offer any serious statements in terms of sound. Will there be an adequate lover to spend 12, 000 on any AirPods, if he knows that with all the revolutionary technology, these headphones sound no better than the EarPods bundled?

Therefore it is necessary to pay tribute to the Pioneer, which does not seek to obscure us mind the wow effect, and focuses on the fact that usually you expect from headphone buyers. At the same time, with all the minimalism SE-MHR5 cheap you will not name. Let us understand if they are worth their money.

The package consists of, not counting the box, of four positions: the earphones themselves, a cover of synthetic material and two cables: 2.5-3.5 mm and 3.5-3.5 mm. the Rule "nothing extra", as you can see, was observed with especial care.

Minimalism and modesty are also felt in the headphones themselves: the metal frame of headbands and steel finish cups are present, but the presence of plastic and faux leather is somewhat puzzling. Such decision designers clearly refers to the middle price segment, while a distant acquaintance gave some hope to the premium.

At the same time, the Pioneer logos on both cups distinctly visible, and therefore, while in polite society, you will not have anything to prove to anybody: the name speaks for itself. Despite the simple design, keep the headphones in your hands very nice and I want to hurry to hoist them on the head, to check how they are doing with ease.

The head Pioneer SE-MHR5 sit surprisingly comfortable: pads on the headband soften the contact and reduce the possible discomfort associated with the weight. Besides the headphones themselves are not particularly heavy, so it is unlikely that after long-term use of any pain.

Another pleasant surprise — headphones extremely loyal to ears and not a lot of pressure on them. The author of this review traditionally preferred to avoid using the overhead models, as after an hour of listening to music I want to ask anyone around you about the massage of the ears. To the credit of the designers of the Pioneer is worth noting that even after the subway ride through Moscow SE-MHR5 still did not want to remove.

Before moving on to the main point, I would like to ask a question about how to connect to what sources of the sound are these headphones. On the one hand, complete no long cable, making it difficult listening to music, sitting in a chair and connecting headphones to a stereo. On the other hand — complete the wires are in control of the playlist, which is not much to please the owners of smartphones. Get off on the fact that the most appropriate source of the sound SE-MHR5 are music players that are regularly overlooked on our website Pavel Dmitriev.

So, what we will enjoy these headphones in terms of sound? Let's first go over the dry figures and specifications:

  • transducers: dynamic
  • the
  • playback rate: 7 Hz – 50 000 Hz
  • the
  • Interface: 3.5 mm
  • the
  • Impedance: 45 Ohms
  • the
  • output power: 1000 mW
  • the
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB
  • the
  • Diameter membrane emitters: 40 mm
  • the
  • Microphone:
  • the
  • Weight: 240 g

Admittedly, the Pioneer products appear in our office very often, but when you wear them on your head and press Play — this sound not be confused with it. It would seem that no outstanding nuances to note does not work, but the listening experience is still enjoyable.

Party instruments still sound clearly without interference, and the frequency still smooth and clearly designed for the average ear. The sound has a decent overhead headphone volume, but again in moderation without excesses.

The Tops have been tested on the track "Flat of the Blade" by the group Massive Attack and mythic "Rolling in the Deep" from Adele. Percussion is pleasantly tickle the ears, and tambourines do not cause irritation, which sometimes occurs even when meeting with more expensive models.

If you want to test these headphones, we recommend a separate room to play the tracks with plenty of percussion — for example, "Gematria" from Slipknot. Drummers in this band, as we know, the three of us, and none of these tracks will not be lost in the General mess of metal.

But if you want to give pleasure part of hearing, responsible for low frequencies, the pleasure it will depend on your personal preferences. If the bass in the song of The Cure "Fascination Street" will give true satisfaction, from the "I'm Better" Missy Elliott wait for disappointment. Still for outrageous bass, devouring the rest of the sound range, it is better to turn to a popular brand from a black doctor. And here at Pioneer for fans of powerful bass there are special headphones Bass Head, which reveals the full extent of not only the low-frequency range.

If you try to imagine the buyer's Pioneer SE-MHR5, then we, most likely, will appear conservative audiophile, who skips past his eyes chips of different marketing and technological innovations. Such a person understands that Bluetooth sound quality does not convey the presence of remote control makes noises and the built-in DAC and active noise reduction makes the listener a slave to the outlet. For a lot of money, you get an expensive sound dressed in not particularly premium quality materials. I advise you to visit and make their own decision about whether to buy this product....


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