Startup NullSpace presented tactile VR suit for virtual reality


2017-02-25 16:30:05




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If you have a headset of virtual reality, you have thought about what you it is not enough. When you seem fully immersed in the virtual world, the inability to feel something and touch it spoils the experience. To make the gaming experience in virtual reality is really memorable, different enthusiasts and small companies create all the new devices add to the VR feel. Here and start NullSpace VR has been developing its own VR HARDLIGHT suit, which is very similar to a kind of futuristic armor from another video game about super soldiers from space.

The Creators emphasize that their development will not solve all problems, because at this stage the gadget fully supports all 15 games for VR headsets and Oculus Rift Vive. In the future they plan to improve the compatibility of their «armor», adding to the library of supported games new projects. But HARDLIGHT VR there is a special audio that converts certain sounds from the game experience. It works even if the game under the vest is not adapted. Another interesting feature of the device — the ability to track body movements and synchronize its provisions with the headset. This will provide an even more realistic feeling when playing.

The Developers have organised a collection of funds necessary for the production of the costume. It should be noted that HARDLIGHT VR requires connection to a PC via USB, so complete freedom of action to expect from him is just not worth it, however everyone can buy a fashionable clothes for virtual reality ranging from $ 500 for a starter kit.

To the end of the campaign to raise funds has remained almost a month, but the developers at the time of writing this news has already managed to collect almost all of their required amount, so that the device in the sale will appear.


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