The top processor of AMD Ryzen 7 has set a new world record


2017-02-25 07:15:31




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February 22 in San Francisco, the company officially introduced their new processors Ryzen, and also opened pre-orders on line Ryzen 7, which includes three models. Processors based on the architecture of Zen, which for so long worked AMD have 8 cores and operate at frequencies from 3 to 4GHz. Especially new processors fans liked overclocking, which do not feed bread, only let me overclock my CPU to unimaginable frequencies. In the process of one of these increases in the frequencies of the new CPU Ryzen 7 1800X set a new world record.

The Benchmark Cinebench R15, which tested an overclocked processor, showed the result of 2449 points. The processor was overclocked to 5.2 GHz (its normal frequency is in the range of 3.6–4 GHz). Him cooling was provided by liquid nitrogen, and the voltage was increased to 1,875 V. the Previous record belonged to the Intel Core i7 5960X, with a score of 2445 points to disperse up to 6,044 GHz. Under normal conditions Ryzen 1800X 7 to 9% higher than the Intel Core i7 6900К in multi-core and equal to it in single core mode. The 1800X is equal to cost 499 dollars, while the price of Core i7 6900К over $ 1000.

In Addition to the flagship line of Ryzen 7 also includes two more models of processors. We are talking about Ryzen 7 1700 — 3,0–3,7 GHz (65W) worth $ 329 and Ryzen 7 1700X — 3,4–3,8 GHz (95 W), which was estimated at 399 dollars. Ryzen 1700X almost 40% go large performance Core i7 6800К and 4% Core i7-6900K. The Junior model was designed to compete with Core i7 7700K and exceeds 46%. At the same Ryzen 7 1700 is the most economical 8-core processor on the market. The processors should arrive on 2 March.


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