At the University of London bees are taught to play ball


2017-02-24 19:30:05




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Another experiment designed to assess the mental abilities of bumblebees and their cravings for knowledge, ended quite well. They have previously shown their desire for knowledge, so this time researchers from London's Queen Mary University has decided to teach bees to make a syrup game «football».

«Our experiment demonstrates that insects are able to learn something new, even despite the small size of their brains», — says Lars Chittka, one of the initiators of the experiment and the author of the work published on the results of the study in Science.

In the training of the bees was attended by scientists, and magnet wand. First principle «» demonstrated a twig, painted by bumblebee. To get the sugar syrup, it was enough to roll the ball into the center of the platform. That's what the wand did. Then it was removed, demonstrating the bees like sweet solution appears immediately after the next scoring «Gol», having brought the ball to the hole using the magnet located on the opposite side of the field. Everything else — a trick. Insects quickly realized what was happening, and then «told» the others. Now bees, University of London Queen Mary founded his «football» to chase the balls and get a great fee.


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