Robot snake is sent in scuba diving


2017-02-24 18:00:05




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Last may, 2016, we reported that is preparing to release an unusual design, designed to conduct underwater operations. Just recently, the developers have disclosed that the snake robot is ready to conduct operations in the open sea.

It is Worth saying that the new version Eelume slightly different from the prototype shown in 2016. Then the body of the robot consisted of several movable interconnected segments. The new version of the robot more similar to a small submarine, but saved from the prototype principle «segmentarity». The robot modules Eelume make it easy to change its configuration, allowing you to be rather flexible and mobile, adapting to the currently executing task. Some modules of the robot body are the ballast tanks, which have the ability to change their buoyancy by adjusting the pressure inside the chambers. Moving Eelume due to several small engines with blades. In addition, the front part of the robot can carry tools mobile manipulators and secondary camera with various modes of operation.

The Robot is able to stay under water for quite a long time due to the fact that near a place of work you can set a special underwater docking station, where it will be charging the batteries and diagnostics of all major systems. With the help of the same dock the robot is able to repair underwater objects. This useful skill can be used in the maintenance of pipelines and oil platforms and other underwater infrastructure, regardless of the weather conditions on the surface. At the moment the robot passes a series of tests on the platform PREZIOSO Linjebygg Subsea Test Center in Tronheim fjord, where was recorded a video demonstration of the robot snake.



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