Concern "Kalashnikov" develops new combat robots


2017-02-24 15:00:06




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The Concern «Kalashnikov» in the near future, namely at the upcoming exhibition «Army-2017», intends to present the Russian combat robots of the new type. The exhibition itself will be held from 22 to 27 August, but some details about the combat machines, you can find out now.

Throughout the world, and in our country too, commonly associated with «Kalashnikov» if not with the legendary machine, that is certainly exclusively with small arms. While the creators have long and quite successfully trying to get away from the image of exclusively infantry company by going to a diversified holding company. For example, in the framework of the forum «Army-2016», «Kalashnikov» presented a robotic crawler platform "Companion", designed for reconnaissance, relaying, patrol, protection of territories and objects of important and mine. "Ally," has protected the media and communication systems can operate in a passive mode for up to 10 days, and also detect targets at a distance up to 2.5 km With remote control and direct radio visibility radius of the car is 10 km away.

Currently «Kalashnikov» intends to continue the development of military robots, including fully automated systems that eliminate human presence on the battlefield. Here's what he said during the exhibition of arms IDEX-2017 CEO of the company Alexey Krivoruchko:

«We are the new projects in the field of robotics is a new combat modules, and new robotic platforms both heavy and light class. The new range of our machines, we plan to introduce in August this year. On the basis of these studies we see that changing the concept of warfare with greater automation and reduction of human presence on the battlefield. We have actively developed our competence in the field of unmanned aircrafts and ground-based systems».

Given the above, we can assume that this year we can see not only a modified version of «Ally», but new developments, including drones and even Autonomous weapon systems.




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