A resident of Poland was absolutely all games for the console NES in three years


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Well, when you have really a lot of free time which you can devote to anything. Why, though, and video games for the 8-bit game console (NES), known in our country under the guise of the Taiwan clone Dendy. Released in 1983, the console quickly won the hearts of tens of millions of gamers, so it was released just obscenely large number of games. A resident of Poland with Mexican roots Peter Delgado, Kuselchuk decided on a crazy act: he had the courage to go through absolutely all of the games that were released for NES.

A Crusade against Peter of video games began in 2014 and will end only next Sunday. List of games released for the NES, was comprised of 714 titles, of which 679 was released in the U.S., and 35 games appeared exclusively on the markets of European countries. While establishing his record, Peter is faced with one problem: what to do with the game, if you walk it from the beginning to the end is impossible? Well, I have no game terms of "total victory." In this case, the enthusiast just played it until then, until the game began to repeat in a circle or just the player was nothing else to do in it. The rest of the game was honestly passed from the beginning to the end, while the gameplay was watched by thousands of subscribers on Twitch.

Various games demanded from Peter different amounts of time. For example, the game Championship Pool he was held for 39 hours, and Ikari Warriors for 37. In the West the famous puzzle game Q*Bert took the gamer 16 hours. Peter himself known on the web as a big fan of so-called "speedruns", i.e. playthroughs of video games on speed. It was after he literally in a matter of hours ran games like Contra and Battletoads, friends ribbed him: maybe you do all 8-bit games will run? This thought did not give the gamer a rest, so he decided on this unique record.

"At that moment I was like a child who suddenly decided to climb a huge mountain, never thinking about the consequences of their decisions. When I was somewhere in the fifties on account of the game, I suddenly realized that reaching my goals may take years. But to give up and retreat already too late," — ponders Peter, Kuselchuk three years later.

Peter remained just one game, which he plans to live stream to Twitch on Sunday 26 February. Doubt that he will succeed, no one, so we can assume that a record this motivated person will still be able to put on the other day. By the way, some hits for the NES, you too can remember right now. After all, not so long ago, Nintendo released a fun tiny retro console , in memory of which sewn 30 playing hits of the time, including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and many others.


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