"A storehouse of planets": the results of the emergency press conference NASA


2017-02-22 20:45:06




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NASA is not often assemble an "emergency" conference to tell the world about the really important things. Tonight was presented one of those "really important things". Why this is important, as it was a little of everything — see below.

how it all began?

Less than a day ago, the American space Agency NASA with the participation of prominent "hunters of exoplanets", to talk about something important. The theme of the speech was to be the discovery associated with exoplanets. Exoplanets are planets outside of our Solar system. We found there are not so many exoplanets, but every year we find more and soon the account will go into thousands, and then tens, hundreds, thousands. Why are we looking for them? First, to prove to yourself that we are not alone, and secondly, to prepare possible targets for exploration and colonization. Thirdly, because it is a science.


what is said?

In short: scientists have discovered seven planets of the earth type ultrahydrogel near red dwarf just at 39.5 light years from us. But earth-like planets found more than once. What is more important: all the seven planets:

  • size close to the Earth;
  • the
  • are in the habitable zone around the star (the so-called "Goldilocks zone" where water can exist in liquid form on the surface);
  • the
  • can have the oceans (but this is not accurate);
  • the
  • receives from its sun is almost the same amount of heat as our Earth is from the Sun.

The funny thing is, all these seven planets are arranged compactly as fingers semiologi mutant. If you move these exoplanets in our Solar system, they will have the lights placed within the orbit of mercury.

Read More about the opening and about the press conference read .


now what?

We'll See. Last time when not far from us (only ~5 light years) Proxima Centauri found potentially habitable exoplanets earth-like, scientists almost went crazy with the participation of many miniature ships, which will accelerate to the speed of light and get to Proxima b for twenty or thirty years to do with her selfie. This time, perhaps, such missions will not be planned, but soon , who can almost "smell" the atmosphere of exoplanets is interesting for us.

And so there is little time left before the discovery of Earth 2.0.


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