Scientists have organized the first ever duel between two quantum computers


2017-02-22 19:00:05




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For the First time in history two came face to face in the ring for the title of champion. Scientists have prepared a series of experiments that were to determine the winner among quantum computers, created through the efforts of engineers and companies . The same algorithms were run on both computers, after which the results of the experts chose the leader of each stage of the competition. But these results, it should be noted, has been very mixed.

Quantum computer produced by IBM was much faster than his brother, made at the University of Maryland. How much faster? Yes, almost 1000 times, that is impressive, isn't it? But there is a caveat. Despite its speed, this computer has demonstrated a much less impressive rate of accuracy of calculations. Quantum computer from Maryland gave the correct answer at 77.1% of the cases, whereas the IBM computer was accurate only at 35.1% of their computing. So now go figure – who came out victorious in this historic battle.

The Two computers was established on the basis of two different technologies. Scientists from the University of Maryland used the ytterbium ions, the laser-guided and electro-magnetic trap, and experts from IBM have developed a computer based on the five small loops of superconducting metal, which can be controlled using microwave radiation. Not to say that it is a powerful computers, while today they are more like just "embryos" of what awaits humanity in the future. But the fact that scientists don't sit still, and continue to explore this topic, can not but rejoice.


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