RSC "Energia" plans to send tourists to the moon in 2022


2017-02-22 11:00:05




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General Director of rocket and space Corporation «Energy» Vladimir Solntsev said in an interview with RIA «news» that the PKK will soon offer flights to the moon. Such services, according to him, the Corporation can begin to provide in the coming years. It is assumed that the first flights to the moon, tourists will be able to commit on a spaceship «Union» in 2021-2022 year.

«the flight around the moon for space tourists could take place in 5-6 years after the conclusion of the contract. Conditions are currently being discussed with potential candidates», — leads RIA «news» the words of the Director of the company.

Vladimir Solntsev said that in order to send tourists to the moon will need to conduct two runs. The first launch into orbit of the pulling vehicle «Union», and the second is DM with the additional compartment, which after docking with «Union» and will help to circumnavigate the moon. The vehicle will use its fuel to correct the ballistic trajectory.

Now RKK «Energy» leading the modernization of the ship «Union» along the way looking for partners who will help to resume the flights of space tourists.


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