NASA called an emergency conference and is preparing something interesting


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Tonight, February 22, NASA will hold an emergency press conference, which will present interesting new data about exoplanets — planets outside the Solar system. The press conference will start on 22 Feb at 21:00 Moscow time. See you on the Agency's website. The website be sure to write the news according to the results heard.

In a press release, NASA stated that the report will be "discovery beyond our Solar system, the search for extraterrestrial life." Other parts of the Agency does not.

According to his Twitter BuzzFeed, "there are people who know that there will be something important."

Among the speakers will be Thomas Zurbuchen, Michelle Gillan, Sean Carey, Nicole Lewis and Sarah Seeger. They all, one way or another, engaged in search and study of exoplanets using space telescopes.

Recall, for urgent press conference NASA discussed such things as, for example, and .


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