Specialists TPU presented a bone implant, a new type


2017-02-22 09:00:05




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As the press service of the Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), the staff of the Department of experimental physics, FTI TPU under the guidance of Sergey Tverdokhlebov developed a hybrid bone grafts based on bioresorbable materials in place which over time formed new bone tissue. The first samples of implants already pass the stage of preclinical trials.

With the help of such bone implants, doctors will be able to carry out complex surgery, patients with injuries of the skull, facial bones, as well as patients of an oncological profile. Based implants have a metal grid rebar and completely soluble in the body polymer. Some developments of scientists of TPU are already used today in veterinary medicine, and in the Ilizarov Center, one of the leading orthopedic centers in Russia, conducted clinical testing and proven effectiveness of intraosseous implants with piezoelectric polymer scaffolds (from the English. scaffold — scaffolding, beams) for bone regeneration. The results of the work done by the specialists of TPU work published in the journal Materials Science and Engineering, and head of the project associate Professor of the Department of experimental physics, Institute of physical engineering TPU Sergey Tverdokhlebov says the following:

«According to the testimony in some cases, doctors can already use the new implants for the treatment of patients. For example, when the child bone does not hold its own weight, a method of treatment using intramedullary implants with bioactive coatings, which help bone formation, is the most optimal. In addition, in the Oncology research Institute of Tomsk finished testing of experimental samples of implants for reconstructive surgery of the craniofacial region. Study of medical biological properties of implants have shown their effectiveness and ekobezopasnost. We received a recommendation on the continuation of testing of our products already at the clinical level, our industrial partner, OOO «KONMET» (Moscow) confirmed the readiness of the project to transition to the stage of development work».

On the first photo submitted of the workpiece to implant printed on 3D-printer, and the second — titanium implants with bioactive coating

It is also Worth noting that the research team under the leadership of Sergei Tverdokhlebov is a big international group consisting of about 30 scientists from Tomsk, Kurgan, Kemerovo, St.-Petersburg, but also from Australia, Germany, UK and several other countries. After completion of the work in the future plans of scientists includes the development of the endosseous implant for the attachment of bioelectric prostheses. These devices will enable a person with almost no restrictions to perform the former operation, while «smart» the implants will take part in the regeneration of bone tissue.

Based on the materials of the news service of Tomsk Polytechnic University


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