The dog-drone became the official mascot of the Japanese city


2017-02-21 17:00:05




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Small Japanese town Oji is conveniently located in the County Kitakatsuragi Nara Prefecture on Honshu island. Its total area is only 7 square kilometers and is inhabited by a city of about 23,000 people. Local residents appreciate the symbolism and traditions. Most of all they remember and honor of Prince Shotoku in the seventh century who founded a local Buddhist temple, as well as his beloved dog Yukimaru with which the Prince is almost never parted. This dog has inspired local authorities to create unusual mascot of the town of Oji.

Mascot, as you already know — it is a kind of character-mascot. Mascots have big companies to recall the clown Ronald McDonald in the case of McDonald’s or sonic the hedgehog, which is the official face of Japanese game publisher Sega. There are mascots and famous musical collectives: zombie Eddie from Iron Maiden or pink pig Pink Floyd. «So why not create a mascot for the whole city», — thought the governors Odzi and immediately remembered about a favourite dog of the legendary Japanese Prince. In honor of this dogs were even erected a special altar, where everyone could pay her homage, and ask for luck for themselves and their families.

Japanese artists created a layout adorable white dog that looks like a Japanese breed Akita inu, and hid it inside RC . Now the dog, which became the official symbol of the city, hovering over the sites to the delight of local children and foreign tourists. We invite you to watch a video showing the world's first drone-mascot, and telling us about the most interesting places to visit the city Odzi.



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