Engineers Disney powered wireless energy to the whole room


2017-02-21 15:00:05




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And again the engineers at the Walt Disney company, known mostly due to its animation and feature films that surprise us with their advanced development. We have talked about the inventions of employees the so-called division of Disney Research in and , but this time the American company was able to reconnected the whole room, without the need for the traditional sockets and wires.

The idea of wireless energy transmission is the principle of quasi-static resonance. For this purpose, is placed in the coil serves an alternating voltage with a frequency of 1.32 MHz, and in the center of the room is a pillar with a fixed small gap on it with the capacitors defining the resonant frequency and insulating the electric field. Voltage circulates freely on the post, the walls, ceiling and floor, in which are mounted metal panel. Thus, around the pole magnetic field is created, it is harmless to humans, but is able to power appliances and led light bulbs.

Appliances, located perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field are included, and if they are arranged parallel, opposite, stop working. The researchers were able to power so the lights, fan and even a smartphone to place them almost anywhere in the room. Air can send up to 1900 watts with efficiency from 40 to 95% depending on the location of the device. Furniture, doors and Windows practically does not affect the magnetic field and energy distribution. The results of their research, the Disney staff was published in the journal .


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