At IDEX 2017 showed the Ukrainian military robot


2017-02-20 20:00:04




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Developed by the enterprise "Spetstechnoexport", a prototype combat robot "the Phantom" was brought to the exhibition of arms IDEX 2017, can carry up to 400 pounds of payload, equipped with a machine gun 12.7 mm caliber and is capable of hitting armored targets, against which it carries on Board four anti-tank missiles. Shoot them, he can at a distance of five kilometers. The device is equipped with infrared sensors and system start-up smoke grenades, the site Shephardmedia.

The Robot can be remotely managed via a secure radio channel on distance up to ten kilometers. A wired connection provides a stable connection of the operator and the robot at a distance up to five kilometers. And this robot is able to follow on the heels of the operator, the tracking signal from the controller.

The Developers have already tested "Phantom" at terrain and tested in the gun, then recognized inspection results are satisfactory, but whether mass production of such robots, is still unknown.


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