Virtual assistant "Google AI Duet" will allow you to become a good pianist


2017-02-20 19:00:06




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The Developers of artificial intelligence Google are seeking increasingly sophisticated ways of using AI in various fields of science and not only. For example, the Duet presents the Google AI does not invent music and not play something from ready-made sample libraries. AI Duet «studies» method of play that accompanies it, making the melody more sonorous and beautiful.

Due to the special algorithms, even with little or no knowledge of music and keyboard instruments, you will be able to play them quite a passable. At the time when the user starts to play on the virtual keyboard, the system AI Duet (which is based on the neural network) makes, so to speak, a kind of «notes». These «notes» include rate, rhythm games, is determined by the skill level of the user and have a lot of options. Based on the data AI Duet complements the melody of the person's own musical elements and transform the original tune.

Regardless of the quality of work (and not all AI Duet at the moment goes well), the system is quite interesting from the point of view of application possibilities of AI in the field of writing music and improving sound quality. AI system Duet is currently available to everyone, and anyone can test it on . It is worth noting that AI Duet is not the first «music» development from Google. The company, now there are plenty of other similar developments from «endless drummer» to such Exotica as a speech synthesizer, which voices all that gets in the camera lens rap. With all these developments you can see with the help of short videos below.



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