SubMurres: a drone that can both fly and swim under water


2017-02-20 14:00:06




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It would Seem that all we have become accustomed to the word «drone», and the first Association connected with that word, certainly draws in the head of something moving in the sky or on the ground. If prestressing memory and imagination, we can imagine and an underwater drone. But hybrid devices that are able to move not only in the air but also under water without additional modifications, you will meet not so often. And one such device called SubMurres a newly introduced company Innocorp.

The Hybrid device features inherited like conventional air unmanned aircraft: gyroscopes, two pairs of propellers for take-off, «tail» for maneuvering in the air, and the distinctive features of submarines (hence the name SubMurres): an elongated streamlined housing, vertical and horizontal «wheels» controlling the depth of immersion and maneuverability of the boat in a liquid medium, and even the periscope. The four screws used to fly, before plunging fold your blades and hide inside the body for better aerodynamics «underwater version» drone. In addition, SubMurres equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras that allow him to control the state of the environment surveying and sending data.

Interesting design decision is the use as a power source of a hybrid diesel-electric engine. Diesel engine part can be used as an independent unit for bringing the mechanism into motion and be used to recharge the batteries. Thus, SubMurres maybe quite a long time without recharging or refuelling, and in case of failure of one of the parts of the engine, the second part will be enough to complete the mission or return to base for repair.

The Scope of a hybrid of the drone is quite extensive: from intelligence operations to the goods delivery under the water, use as a tool for conducting various studies under the water, lifting various types of objects and transport them immediately to the land base and much, much more. Moreover, managing SubMurres drone is remotely controlled, and coverage and good coverage is wide enough.



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