People are changing the climate is 170 times faster than the forces of nature


2017-02-20 12:00:06




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Scientists who try to deduce a definition of the anthropocene, argue that climate change caused by people on the Ground are much higher than caused by natural events over many millennia. They cite figures showing how much humans are influencing the climate. Scientists have developed a new mathematical equation that allows them to determine how we affect the climate. According to them, global temperatures decreased by an average of 0.01 degree per century over the last 7,000 years. This figure was adopted for the base. But over the past 45 years temperatures have increased by an average of 1.7 degrees per century because of greenhouse gas emissions.

In an article published in the journal the Anthropocene Review, the researchers explain that all these billions of years the Earth's climate dependent on astronomical and geophysical forces, as well as internal dynamics of the planet. In the equation these natural forces tend to zero because of how slowly affect Earth's climate, in comparison with human activity. In short, while these factors continue to influence the Earth's climate, human activity significantly exceeds them. Climate change, caused by humans, occur 170 times faster than that caused by natural forces.

"We're not saying that the astronomical forces of our Solar system or geological processes are gone, but from the point of view of their influence in such a short period of time they are negligible when compared with our influence," says co-author will Steffen.

"While it would be absolutely imprudent to ignore the huge amount of evidence pointing to profound risks, the main problem lies in geopolitics and even casts doubt on international cooperation," adds study co-author Owen Gaffney.

This equation is True for two reasons. First, it allows you to clearly illustrate our current predicament. Supported with data about how much people have affected the environment in such a short period (natural forces would have required millions of years), it clearly demonstrates the impact we have on their world.

"the Crystallization of this evidence in the form of a simple equation clarifies the current situation," said Steffen.

Second, it can encourage us to action — especially because we have not much time to evaluate all damage that we caused, and to act. The study's authors say that "the magnitude of human influence on climate is more similar to a meteorite impact, rather than gradually change." Failure to reduce anthropological climate change is likely "to cause social collapse," conclude the study.


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