Bill gates has proposed to impose robots special tax


2017-02-20 11:00:05




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In recent years, many, increasingly , because of the active introduction of robots to manufacturing companies, tens of thousands of people lose their jobs. Well, in these reflections really makes sense, because the owners of the factories really much easier to work with robots than with people and trade unions. Robots don't get tired, don't declare strikes, do not require contributions to the pension funds and paying taxes. Although this last is likely to change, because the famous entrepreneur proposed to introduce a tax on robots to somehow compensate for the loss of people's jobs.

Gates said that to tax the robots need as quickly as possible, otherwise many people will be waiting unenviable future. In his interview with Quartz, "father of Windows" said:

"the Taxation of industrial robots will allow us to offset people losing their jobs in the future. The money can be used, for example, in order to teach people new skills that robots so far. For example, caring for children or elderly people. Taxation will also help to slow down the pace of the introduction of robots in production".

As can be seen from the statements of gates, he is well aware that the introduction of such a tax may slow down innovation and make the drones significantly more expensive to use. However, he was confident that the governments of major countries now have to think about the future of thousands of people who remain unemployed due to the fact that they were replaced by robots. It is curious that in Europe such a tax has already tried to enter, but the Parliament rejected the bill. Their decision has pleased many manufacturers of robots as they are seriously worried that the introduction of such a tax could have a negative impact on their business.


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