SpaceX successfully put the third Falcon 9 rocket on solid ground


2017-02-19 18:15:17




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SpaceX successfully put the third Falcon 9 rocket on solid ground

Tonight, SpaceX made another successful landing of the missile — this time in daylight off the coast of Florida. The Falcon 9 rocket successfully landed at the landing zone SpaceX at Cape Canaveral after the launch into space. This is the third time SpaceX successfully puts his rocket on solid ground after launch, except that this time the landing was carried out in the daytime. Along with this success, the company now has eight landed "Falcon".

The Falcon 9 took off from the Cape at 9:39 Eastern time along with the cargo capsule Dragon, which went under contract with NASA into space. The capsule was filled with 2500 kilograms of supplies, supplies and science experiments for the astronauts aboard the International space station. Dragon has reached the intended orbit and will slowly move to the ISS over the next few days before its capture, the manipulator space station on Wednesday. The astronauts aboard the station then use the arm to attach the capsule to the Harmony module.

Today's launch is an important milestone for SpaceX, because it was the first launch from launch complex 39A. This is a historic launch site at Kennedy Space center of NASA, where he started a mission "Apollo" on the moon and first and last flight of the space Shuttle program. Pad 39A has not seen such activity since the last mission with the Shuttle in 2011. But in 2014, SpaceX signed a lease agreement with NASA and refurbished pad 39A, so now fly the Falcon 9 and future Falcon Heavy rocket.

The biggest changes that have been made in the design of the grounds relate to ground systems, rocket fuel, according to Elon musk, CEO of the company. Prior to the lease commencement SpaceX pad was intended for fueling space Shuttle, which used liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen as propellant. The Falcon 9 uses liquid oxygen, but it is cooled stronger than the Shuttle, and uses a cleaner form of kerosene RP-1.

SpaceX is not planning to run 39A specifically, this mission resupply. The original plan was to run it at 40 under the control of the U.S. air force at Cape Canaveral. However, SpaceX was forced to switch on the newly refurbished pad 39A after the September explosion of a rocket .

Ultimately, the launch was postponed on Saturday, February 18, 10:01 am Eastern time. During the countdown, SpaceX revealed two problems at launch, including a problem with the steering in the upper part of the vehicle. The launch was aborted in 13 seconds and rescheduled for today.

Now that SpaceX finally took off from 39A, perhaps the company can dramatically raise the frequency of the missions, the Falcon 9 this year. SpaceX President Gwynn, Shotwell announced this month that the company intends to launch a rocket every 2-3 weeks in 2017. Also may come renovated planted rocket company. The first such missile needs to see it launch in March.


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