Biologists at Harvard University have decided to resurrect mammoths in two years


2017-02-17 20:00:05




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Fellow, Harvard biologist George Church, studying extinct species of animals, 2015 is Woolly Mammoth Revival project, which plans to resurrect the mammoth. The scientist stresses that it is more correct to call such an animal an elephant, with signs of a mammoth. Now scientists believe that they can get the elephant ears and hair like a mammoth, but the embryo they expect to get with the new technology CRISPR/Cas9.

A Team of specialists under the leadership of the Church found and made in the chromosomes of elephants mammoth 45 genes isolated from DNA preserved in the permafrost — this is with reference to the report of the scientist writes Naked Science.

First «mammoth» will develop in the «artificial uterus» — such decision scientists took in order to avoid the risk to animal life. However, some colleagues of the Church have expressed doubts that this method will be effective.

The Church believes that the ability to resurrect the woolly mammoth is, after all, scientists are quite often found in the permafrost remains that contain DNA, and that means a lack of materials that could be comfortable to work, will not.

With a Harvard colleague, agrees and Russian experts, who a couple of years ago that mammoths can be cloned, but also noted that it will have to use a cage of elephants, and to bear the mammoth have a live elephant.


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